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Have you ever struggled to figure out the "buffalo buffalo buffalo" sentence and given up? I have, but today I decided to take the time to figure it out.

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Here's what it means. You probably know the one I mean. It has eight buffalos in a row and is actually a real sentence that means something: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Today, I decided to wrestle it to the ground and figure out what it means once and for all. It uses three different meanings of the word buffalo.

The name of a city in New York. We should visit Buffalo next week.

The plural noun that describes a herd of animals of the Bison genus. I saw eight buffalo on the prairie.

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The verb that means "to fool, trick, or bamboozle. We can substitute those three meanings of buffalo to make the sentence understandable, but the thing that helped me understand it the most was a sentence diagram.

First, you can look at the simplest form of the sentence without all the modifiers and the restrictive clause —just subject-verb-object. That gives you Buffalo buffalo buffalo, or Bison trick bison.

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Then you add the modifiers that tell you where the bison are from: They are bison from the city of Buffalo. That gives you Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffaloor Buffalo bison trick Buffalo bison.

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo | Grammar Girl

Finally, you add the trickiest part—a restrictive clause in the middle that tells you the first group of New York bison are themselves tricked by bison from the same town.

Buffalo bison Nice full figured Buffalo girl York bison trick trick Buffalo bison. New NNice bison [that are] tricked [by other] New York bison [also themselves] trick [other] New York bison.

Grammar Girl has me covered. You May Also Like Jump to Navigation.

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. By Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl.

February 12, Sentence Diagramming. Grammar Girl.

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Idioms from the Forest: The Meaning of to Weasel, to Ferret, and to Badger. Idioms About Tea. The Quick and Dirty Tips Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we Bufaflo cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website.

The White Buffalo, also known as the Buffalo Man or Buffalo Woman, has the head of a buffalo. They are a personification of the physical land. In the series, he is. The color red is strongly symbolic of new life, buffalo, and women's style is a full-length, bas-relief figure of a woman in Medicine Creek Cave in the western foothills of the Black Hills (fig. a lovely young woman, finely dressed and groomed. Have you ever struggled to figure out the "buffalo buffalo buffalo" I'm pretty sure I can buffalo John into thinking we were at the conference.

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