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Have you lost interest in having sex because your vagina burns?

Tryna burn and drink fuck not alone. The condition, known as vulvodynia or vestibulodynia, affects about 16 percent of women, and some researchers suspect that number may be even higher. With vulvodyniayou have discomfort or burning pain in the vulvar area. It has no obvious cause such as cancer, infection, herpes, spinal nerve compression or other neurologic disorder.

You may be so uncomfortable that sitting for a long time or having sex is unthinkable. Vulvodynia affects women of all ages.

However, symptoms are most common in women ages 18 to 25 and postmenopausal women. It was once thought to mainly affect Caucasian women.

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Recent studies, however, have found that African American TTryna Hispanic women are equally likely to have the condition. Pain may be constant or occasional. Most commonly it is called "provoked vulvodynia," and the provocation is intercourse.

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It can last for months or years. You may feel pain in in your entire vulvar area generalized or in a certain area, such as the opening of your vagina. Causes It's unknown what causes vulvodynia.

Some contributing factors may include:. Treatments and remedies Proper treatment requires the correct diagnosis. A practitioner who deals in women's gynecologic care or sexual health is a good option.

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Many women have been treated for a wide variety of conditions before the correct diagnosis is made. There is no known cure for vulvodynia, but there are treatments.

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Left untreated, you may experience anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, low self-esteem, relationship issues, altered body image and reduced quality of life. No treatment works for everyone, and you may need to combine treatments for relief. drjnk

Some options include:. For more information, visit our content on vulvodynia: What does burning during sex mean?

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